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To Have and To Holton, Part II

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

The Perfect Imperfect Wedding Day

Months of planning meetings, phone calls, walk-throughs, and text messages really could not prepare the Holton's or OKME for all the emotions this day would bring.

We started the day early in prayer. With an early afternoon outside wedding ceremony planned and reports of late afternoon thunderstorms on the loom, the OKME team had their eyes glued to the weather reports, but knew only God could hold the rain off. "One thing we loved about Victoria was her belief and love for God. It directly aligned with OKME's foundation so it was even more important that we started the morning in prayer and be on one accord under God".

The day was just that; God's plan. The perfect imperfect celebration of true LOVE!

Moments before she walked down the aisle, time stood still. Victoria thought back to the day it all began 15 years ago and all the roller coasters they endured to get to this place. Knowing she listened to God and He ordered their steps, she could not be more at peace.

"My favorite moment of the wedding was braiding the three cord strand & partaking in communion. Incorporating the importance of my relationship with God into our wedding was at the top of the list as far as details and spiritual oneness", Victoria shared.

Anthony and Victoria exchanged their vows and declared their commitment under God.

Most witnesses looked on in tears as this love story started another chapter and memories from the last 15 years resurfaced.

"Anthony and Victoria have been through a lot over the years, as their sisters we have been there for it all. So to see this day finally come is truly a blessing. We are so so so happy for them".

Read how the story continues in the next blog post...

Thank you to our contributing photographers:

Jay Bruce of Brucie Inspired

Sarea-Flo Productions

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